Hello and welcome to our tiny paradise! Our collaborative team of lifestyle & destination photographers is headed by Alain M. Brin and based in the US Virgin Islands.  Our style of imagery is unique as we strive to marinate vivid Caribbean colors with a hint of romantic fine art.  We are available for assignments in the Virgin Islands and tropical destinations worldwide.


Meet Alain

At the young age of 16, my biology teacher handed me his fully mechanical Nikon FM camera during a field trip, (I think in the hopes of keeping me out of trouble) and immediately I fell in love with photography.  

Since thenI have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world on photo assignments, capturing beauty in all forms and cultures.  I love free diving, traveling, making people laugh and chilling with my puppies and amazing wife. 

My favorite photography assignments are documenting tropical, luxury weddings, Love for Water assignments and pristine tropical lifestyle.  I feel incredibly blessed that my talent allows me an opportunity to make humans feel beautiful.






Meet Soolan

As the daughter of a travelling diplomat, my childhood was filled with memories of living in three of the most cosmopolitan & art driven cities in the world; Singapore, London & New York. 

These memories would later become the driving influential factor that would force me to exit my successful health profession and dive head first into the artistic world of photography.  I love arranging travel plans to places that most people have never heard, throwing spontaneous dinner parties where I am the chef & host and waking up at any hour to read up on the latest fashion trends.  

When I am not shooting or editing thousands of images, I am busy creating customized South Sea pearl necklaces for my jewelry company SOO-LAN. 





Meet Alex

After graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design, I moved back to my home in the Virgin Islands where I trained rigorously with Alain & Soolan for two years. 

I love shooting beach weddings, family portraits & tropical landscapes.  When I am not researching the latest trends in photography or social media, you can find me at beach soaking up the Caribbean sun with my dog or sharing laughs at my family’s home with an ice cold Heineken in hand.   

My dream is to work as hard as possible to master the art of photography and simply make people feel genuine & lovely.


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