Love For Water | Mermaids

When your love for water meets your love for mermaids...this happens. Jennifer Keys wanted to get a bit more creative to capture her brand; and as a wellness & lifestyle mentor we think these unique photos will surely assist in her quest to help others find their paradise. Although, these images look effortless and whimsical...being a mermaid for the day is not an easy task! She designed her top with the help of a glue gun & shells. Her silicone tail was from Caribbean Mermaid Academy, and was a bit of a challenge to get into as well as stay in for the day. She literally felt like a 'fish out of water' in between shoots trying to get around on dry land.  

Check out Jennifer's company, Essentials in Paradise for more info about her and her business! We hope her incredible photos inspire other's to have a little fun with their love for water photo sessions! She certainly displayed her strength and beauty for this shoot and the results are truly breathtaking. 

Working with an awesome photographer like Alain is key! Even with a fabulous photographer, it takes many passes swimming by, over, under and around the underwater camera and controlling everything to get "the shot". Alain and I work very well as a team. I am a huge perfectionist and always want to go the extra mile no matter how uncomfortable it is to create something beautiful. I trust in Alain's abilities fully, so I know when he says "one more time?...." "the shot" is right there at our fingertips! Besides Alain's obvious talent, I also love working with him in this kind of advanced photo shoot because he always makes sure that I am comfortable with each shot that we are trying to create. 
- Jennifer Keys